Project Description
Livingworld introduces full floor apartments that aims at providing an unique living experience combining the advantages of an independent home with the affordability and convenience of an apartment.
Monsoon is the first full-floor apartment project from Livingworld. It comprises of just 3 units on 6.92 cents of land near Technopark, Trivandrum. Each independent floor is a two bedroom unit.The ground floor apartment has a total super built up area of 1034 square feet. The first and second floor apartments have a total super built up area of 1092 square feet. All units in Monsoon comply with the basic principles of vaastu shastra.
  • Unlike typical apartments, you own independent floors. This enables access to light and ventilation on all four sides. Access to adequate light and ventilation is probably the single most important factor that contributes to a healthy home.
  • Full floor apartments provides maximum private built up area for the same super-built up area since the only common space is the staircase.
  • While minimizing common spaces, like independent houses, our full floor apartments provide you with easy access to open spaces. The groundfloor apartment has an outdoor garden while the first and second floor apartments have private terrace gardens and seating areas. The seating areas are also provided with kitchenettes so that the terrace garden can be used as a small private party space.
  • Unlike typical apartments you do not incur significant monthly maintenance expenses since common spaces are kept to an absolute minimum and external finishes are mostly of natural materials which require next to no maintenance.