# Cross ventilation
Monsoon has been carefully designed to
integrate principles of natural cross ventilation
into the overall plan layout. Doors and windows are positioned such that there will be direct air
circulation in all four directions.
The strategically placed louvered window in the work area
also helps ensure cross ventilation while also
enabling you to check who is at the door
if you are in the kitchen. The louvers ensure
that visibility is restricted from the outside in.
All bedrooms in Monsoon have windows on
two sides to encourage natural air circulation

An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress. Reduced heat gain
To reduce the overall heat gain, we use a
shading roofon the terrace along with an
insulated roof slab and terrace gardens.
Well shaded windows with integrated planters ensure that heat gain through windows is also minimized.
Openings are minimized on the west side to
reduce afternoon heat gain, while taking
advantage of sea breeze.

An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress.Uniquely configured windows
By reconfiguring the elements of a typical
window we are able to make it more
convenient and multifunctional.
For example in the dining room windows
of the first and second floor, we provide a
space between the outer secure window
grill and the internal shutter which can be used as a planter and also as a cozy reading alcove.

Natural elements like trees and plants are
integral for wholesome and healthy living
environments. Each apartment is provided
with open space that can be suitably
landscaped. The ground floor apartment has
an outdoor garden space, while the first and
second floor apartments are provided with
terrace gardens on the roof. Planters are
provided in balconies and window ledges to
create small gardens all around
your residence.

Other amenities
Each apartment is provided with one car parking
space covered with a unique metal roofing
system. First and second floor apartments ar
e provided with gas cylinder storage space on the ground floor below the stair landing. Metal piping will be
provided to the first and second floor apartments
such that gas cylinders do not need to be carried